Forest Resource Planning Committee

The purpose of the NAASF Forest Resource Planning Committee is to encourage and support forest resource planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies; develop and maintain working relationships with NAASF, USDA Forest Service and other organizations; and to provide advice and technical support to NAASF. 

The committee comprises two subcommittees.  The Forest Resource Planning Subcommittee supports and improves the development of forest resource plans; strengthens skills in planning, resource and policy analysis, and defining and measuring sustainable forest management; and actively promotes the benefits of forest resource planning. The Geospatial Technologies Subcommittee facilitates the use of GIS and related technologies to support state and federal forest resource programs by providing a forum for state and federal GIS personnel to collaborate and coordinate on regionally significant issues.

The Committee often addresses broadly defined and emerging forest management issues that span across resources and program areas. Some examples of recent activities and topics include Forest Action Plan development; sustainability indicators; forest resource monitoring; biomass harvesting and alternative energy; shale gas development and monitoring; climate change adaptation and mitigation; and integrating forest inventory and geospatial technologies.

Committee members include state program administrators, forest planners; GIS specialists and managers; and USDA Forest service planners and sustainability specialists. 

Committee Chair: Seth Cassell (PA)
State Forester Advisor: Peter Church (MA)